I.M. Wealth Affiliate Company Profile

  1. Our company name?  – I.M. Wealth Affiliate
  1. What we “stand for”?
    At IM Wealth Affiliate, we stand for finding and reviewing the finest sources available for making you money on the internet. Whether it be software or instructional courses, we aim to find the tools that you need to succeed online for the smallest investment possible without sacrificing quality.
  2. What we “stand against”? IM Wealth Affiliate stands against worthless products that are a waste of hard earned money. We know that the internet is cluttered with shiny objects and we endeavor to weed through them to uncover those that are empty and without substance vs. those that are true gems and provide lasting knowledge and usefulness.
  3. Our company’s “purpose”? Our purpose is to weed through the plethora of shiny objects on the internet and uncover the gems that help you to actually make money online without spending your life savings before you make your first dollar.
  1. Our “unique selling proposition”? At IM Wealth Affiliate, we will not only point out the latest launches but we will review them and search for comparisons to them so that we can point out the various nuances that make each product unique or just another one of the same products with a different cover. We will do our dead level best to provide you with a solid review so that you can have as much information as possible going into your decision as to whether you want to buy the product or not. Then we will offer a bonus that will complement the offer to give you the best opportunity to succeed with that product.
  1. Our TARGET audience? Our target customer is the internet marketer who is on a tight budget and looking for the best and quickest way to start making money online.
  1. What are their BIGGEST issues (or pain points)?
    1. Actually making money. The need for real legitimate answers on how to make money online is huge. Most people spend way more than they ever make if they make anything at all.
    2. Knowing how to build a list or responsive people who want to hear from you.
    3. Knowing how to create wealth from that list or how to make sales from that list.
  1. How we SOLVE those issues or relieve that pain?
    1. By providing answers and pointing them to the right products.
    2. By providing a place where they can get the information they need to make an informed decision when they buy information products.

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