HTAM – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

HTAM – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Why stacking the funnel with high ticket back end products is the quickest way to achieve your affiliate marketing goals  

So you’re out there in Affiliate Marketing land hunting your prospects and selling your products and along comes your perfect customer avatar. This is the guy you’ve been waiting for. He opts in to your landing page and quickly purchases your front end product and you make a quick $50.00 bucks. Now what?

You told your wife that you could make enough money doing this affiliate marketing gig to replace your income and every time you jump for joy because you’ve made a sale she asks you how much you’ve made and all you have to report is a measly $50.00 bucks?

Well let me tell you friend, that just aint gonna cut it. You’re gonna have to stand up to watch TV with that kind of income report and life isn’t gonna be happy.

You’ve spent hundreds on traffic and gone through thousands of people just to find this guy and you’re going to let him go as fast as he arrived? Well hold on just a minute because I’ve got something to share with you that is going to make all the difference in the world to your bottom line.

It’s called HTAM or High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and when I show you how much money you are leaving on the table without applying this to your business, you’re going to be mighty pissed off that you didn’t do this sooner.

Find Out How You Can Stack Your Funnel With High Ticket Products: Get “The Ultimate Business Model”

You see, without having high ticket products to stack the back end of your funnel, you’re leaving all the potential income from that customer on the table and forcing him to find what he needs elsewhere.

Each time you find a paying customer, it’s your responsibility as a marketer to provide him with as much value as he wants or needs and then to present it in such a way that it is nearly impossible for him to refuse.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that you’re a chiropractor and you offer spine straightening’s to people for $50.00 each. Along comes a customer who really needs help. He’s in pain and he comes to you to straighten him out and you know exactly what his problem is.

He’s a bus driver who sits in a seat all day every day driving a bus and his seat is causing his back to be hunched over like a potato chip.  You’ve seen this hundreds of times before and you have an idea for a lumbar support for his seat that will fix him up like new, but you don’t have a product to sell him.

You know that if you did he would buy it immediately because it’s the ultimate solution to his problem. Your spine straightening works for the first couple of days but then he gets hunched over again and he goes back on the hunt for the solution to his pain.

It’s obvious to see what you need in this situation, but you don’t have a product. You need to get that lumbar support as a product that you can sell to him and he would gladly pay hundreds more than your little $50.00 spine straightening because you’ll provide him with the value that he is so painfully looking for.

That my friend is what High Ticket Affiliate Marketing does. It stacks the back end of the funnel with high ticket products that provide high ticket value and in turn pay high ticket commissions enabling you to sit down to watch TV and report to your wife that you made a commission of $1500.00 instead of $50.00 on that last sale.

With these kind of commissions, it is easy to see how you could seriously replace your income and take your affiliate marketing to the next level all while gaining approval from your wife.

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