Timer Boss

David Eisners new “Timer Boss” is a cool new timer that lets you insert a count down inside an email showing the remaining time before the close of whatever launch you’re promoting.
Simple and easy to use this is one way to increase conversions to your list or in any product promotion by using urgency and scarcity and raising an innate fear of missing out.

It’s called “FOMO”, and that’s exactly what it means. “Fear Of Missing Out”!

Urgency and scarcity are the number 1 drivers of online sales and with the use of the timer, both urgency and scarcity are right in the face of your customer.

What a great addition to the online affiliate’s tool box.

Here’ what it looks like:


and it can sit wherever you want to put it and that includes right smack in the middle of an email.

Timer_Boss_inside_an_email sort of like this.

It’s a great way to add urgency to any promotion and increase conversions.

Its a no brainer at the offered price of $37.00

But you better hurry, it’s on a timer countdown and time is running out!

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